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real estate stocks

The real estate sector was one of the worst hit sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ever since the pandemic began, many real estate stocks plunged to new lows. For example, the share price of DLF Ltd. fell by 50% between January 2020 and April 2020. The share price of Godrej Properties also fell by 37% during the same duration. Not just this, many other real estate stocks also saw a steep fall.

But, gradually as the economy started to revive, the shares of real estate companies started to rally again. Real estate giant,  DLF Ltd. was in a continuous bullish rally from April to October 2021.

real estate stocks

Since April 2021, Indian real estate stocks have seen massive growth in their share prices. Today, we will take a look at all the real estate stocks listed on the Indian stock exchange. Let’s begin.

In this article: 

  1. Overview of the Indian real estate sector
  2. Real estate stocks listed on the Indian stock exchanges
  3. Alternative for investing in real estate stocks

Overview of the Indian Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is one of the most popular sectors across the world. Even if you do not believe in investing, you would still plan to buy a house sooner or later in your life. So, almost every one of us plans to invest in the real estate sector at least once in our lifetime. And because of this never ending demand and limited supply, the prices of properties are touching new heights.

Now remember, the real estate sector is not just limited to residential properties. It also includes hospitality and commercial spaces. So, 80% of the real estate sector developed in India consists of residential space and 20% includes offices, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals.

The Indian real estate sector has seen high growth in recent times as the demand for office and residential spaces have spiked. Between January 2021 and September 2021, private equity investment inflows in India stood at US$ 3.3 billion. Not just that, the home sales volume across seven major cities in India surged 113% year on year (YoY) in the third quarter of 2021. There has also been an increase in inflow from Foreign Direct Investors (FDIs) by 7% on a YoY basis.

So, it is safe to say that the Indian real estate sector is slowly picking up pace and might soon be one of the fastest-growing sectors in India.

Here is a list of all the real estate stocks listed in India

Sr.No Name Current Market Price 52 week high 52 week low Market capitalization  in crores
1 DLF 383.6 450 232 95,040
2 Macrotech developers Ltd. 1,010 1,539 492 48,637
3 Godrej Properties Ltd 1590.55 2,598 1,200 44,204
4 Oberoi Realty Ltd 976.7 1,052 514 35,628
5 Prestige Estates Projects Ltd 493.4 555 260 19,762
6 Phoenix Mills Ltd 1043.7 1,200 672 18,627
7 Brigade Enterprises Ltd 480.5 555 231 11,093
8 Sunteck Realty Ltd 497.25 590 250 7,282
9 NBCC (India) Ltd 39.8 59.8 34.2 7,155
10 Sobha Ltd 693.8 1,045 442 6,544
11 Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd 373.85 411 152 5,713
12 Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd 100.65 196 74.7 5,436
13 Dilip Buildcon Ltd 278 750 234 4,057
14 Ahluwalia Contracts India Ltd 505.1 563.6 280 3,379
15 Puravankara Ltd 108.75 166 63.8 2,573
16 Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd 301.8 309 57.1 2,508
17 D B Realty Ltd 95 134 16.8 2,330
18 Kolte Patil Developers Ltd 297.3 360 206 2,274
19 PSP Projects Ltd 568.2 639 394 2,076
20 Anant Raj Ltd 62.15 86 47.85 1,835
21 Omaxe Ltd 92.55 109 56 1,694
22 Ashiana Housing Ltd 154.4 209.9 108.85 1,591
23 JMC Projects (India) Ltd 86.1 130 75 1,443
24 Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd 376.3 495 104.65 1,339
25 Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd 217.1 257.85 92.1 919
26 BIGBLOC Construction Ltd 120.3 131 15.5 856
27 Parsvnath Developers Ltd 18.2 27.2 7 779
28 Arihant Superstructures Ltd 156.05 204.5 52 641
29 Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd 126.4 143 46.8 623
30 B.L.Kashyap & Sons Ltd 25.5 33 13.5 575
31 Hubtown Ltd 62.7 76 14.5 458
32 Jaypee Infratech Ltd 3.2 5.05 1.38 439
33 Prozone Intu Properties Ltd 28.15 56.4 15.4 427
34 Peninsula Land Ltd 13.5 19.4 6.61 371
35 Geecee Ventures Ltd 170.25 211 99.9 353
36 Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd 19.05 20.9 5.35 297
37 Vipul Ltd 24.8 42 16.7 296
38 Nila Infrastructures Ltd 7.35 10.6 4.1 284
39 Art Nirman Ltd 91.2 196 226
40 Pansari Developers Ltd 121 225 45 211
41 RPP Infra Projects Ltd 48.3 78.8 40 180
42 Poddar Housing & Development Ltd 248.95 313 139 164
43 PVP Ventures Ltd 6.6 10 4.18 159
44 Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd 20.15 31.5 7.5 147
45 TCI Developers Ltd 384.15 549 279 131
46 Landmark Property Development Company Ltd 8.35 17.9 1.86 112
47 Ansal Housing Ltd 8.1 8.25 7.7 46
48 Country Condos Ltd 5.75 8.74 1.99 44

Real Estate Stocks

Now, let’s take a look at the details of the top 5 real estate stocks in India as per market capitalization.

1. DLF

DLF stands for Delhi Land and Finance Ltd. It is a leading real estate company in India. The company is involved in the development of offices, residential and retail properties. Not just that, it is also engaged in the business of leasing, generation of power, provision of maintenance services, hospitality and a lot more.

Currently, the market cap of DLF Ltd. is Rs. 96,339 crores. This makes it the biggest company in the real estate sector as per market capitalisation. The company has been in this sector for over 75 years and has developed over 150 real estate projects covering a total area of 330+ million sq. ft.


Here are the key financials of DLF Ltd. 

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 96,352 Cr. Face Value: Rs. 2 EPS: Rs. 6.37
Book Value: Rs. 144 ROCE (%): 4.29 %  Debt to Equity: 0.16
Stock PE: 55.1 ROE (%): 3.13 %  Dividend Yield (%): 0.50 % 
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 5,736 Cr. Promoter’s Holdings (%): 75.0 %

*Data as on 19th April 20222. 

2. Macrotech Developers Limited. 

Macrotech Developers Limited is none other than real estate veteran Lodha Developers., The company is engaged in the business of real estate development. They have developed many commercial and residential properties across India. The company has completed over 90 projects comprising a total area of 80 million square feet as of FY 2021.

It has also created several brands for mid-range and premium houses.

  • Lodha, CASA, Crown are for its affordable and mid-income housing projects.
  • Lodha Luxury for its premium and luxury housing projects.
  • iThink, Lodha Excelus, Lodha Supremus and Lodha Signet brands for its office spaces.

Lodha Builders

The company also entered the UK real estate market in 2013. It has acquired a prime property on Grosvenor Square in London from the Canadian Government.

Here are the key financials of Macrotech Developers Limited.

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 51,483 Cr. Face Value: 10 EPS: Rs. 22.3
Book Value: Rs. 154 ROCE (%): 7.11 % Debt to Equity: 2.05
Stock PE: 52.6  ROE (%): -16.5 %  Dividend Yield (%): 0
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 15,191 Cr. Promoter’s Holdings (%): 82.22

*Data as on 19th April 2022

3. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties Limited was incorporated in 1897. It is a subsidiary  of Godrej Industries Ltd. This company is engaged in the development of real estate. The company has developed various residential buildings, commercial complexes, and townships.

The company has a diversified portfolio of inventory. Out of the total saleable area, Pune accounts for 27%. Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) accounts for 21%. Bangalore accounts for 17%. Delhi accounts for 15% and the rest 21% is located at other locations across India.

Godrej Properties

The biggest advantage for the company is its funding cost. The company has the lowest bank funding cost of around 7.3% per annum, as it has a strong financial position and goodwill as it is a part of the Godrej Group.

Here are the key financials of Godrej Properties

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 44,970 Face Value: Rs. 5 EPS: Rs. -3.60
Book Value: Rs. 301  ROCE (%): 0.63 % Debt to Equity: 0.57
Stock PE: 217 ROE (%): -3.38 % Dividend Yield (%): 0.00 %
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 4,799 Promoter’s Holdings (%): 58.43

*Data as on 19th April 2022

4. Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty was incorporated in 1998. Previously the company was known as Kingston Properties Pvt Ltd. but later it was renamed to Oberoi Realty. The company is engaged in the development of residential, office space, retail, hospitality, and social infrastructure verticals.

The company generates revenue from these sources.

  • 81% of revenue is generated from its residential projects such as Seven, Exquisite, Esquire and three sixty west.
  • 16% of revenue is generated from rental income from investment properties like malls and commercial spaces.
  • 4% of revenue is generated from hospitality and property management services like sale of rooms, food and beverages, etc.

Oberoi Realty

Here are the key financials of Oberoi Realty

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 36,124 Face Value: Rs. 10 EPS: Rs. 30.3
Book Value: Rs. 267 ROCE (%): 9.47 %  Debt to Equity: 0.22
Stock PE: 32.8 ROE (%): 8.18 % Dividend Yield (%): 0 
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 2,094 Promoter’s Holdings (%): 67.70

*Data as on 19th April 2022

5. Prestige Estate

Prestige Estates Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 and is one of the renowned businesses in the real estate space. Till date, the company has completed 120 residential projects, 112 office projects and 8 hospitality projects consisting of hotels, resorts and spas.

Prestige estates generates 76% revenue from the real estate segment. 15% revenue is generated from leasing and subleasing business and the remaining 11% revenue is generated from offering services such as room rentals, food, beverages business etc.

Not just that Prestige Office Ventures has acquired a 70% equity stake in Shipco Infrastructure Pvt Ltd which works into the logistics space.

Here are the key financials of Prestige Estate Ltd.

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 19,660 Face Value: Rs. 10 EPS: Rs. 39
Book Value: Rs. 168 ROCE (%): 12.3% Debt to Equity: 0.84
Stock PE: 45.9% ROE (%): 6.49% Dividend Yield (%): 0.30%
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 5,648 Promoter’s Holdings (%):65.48

*Data as on 21th April 2022

6. Phoenix Mills

Phoenix Mills Ltd is one of the most renowned property developers in the world. It currently owns eight largest malls across major metro cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Lucknow. It has been in this sector for over 100 years. If we talk about the revenue sources of the company, 80% of the revenue is generated from its property business. 18% is generated from its hospitality business.

Here are the key financials of Phoenix Mills

Market Cap (Cr): Rs. 18,153 Face Value: Rs. 2 EPS: Rs. 11.4
Book Value: Rs. 316 ROCE (%): 4.22 % Debt to Equity: 0.69
Stock PE: 92.6 ROE (%):1.22 % Dividend Yield (%): 0.10 %
Total Debt (Cr): Rs. 3,874 Promoter’s Holdings (%):47.34

*Data as on 21th April 2022

Alternative for investing in real estate stocks

Now, we have already seen the details of a few real estate stocks listed in India. But there is another alternative of investing in real estate –  Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

But what is REIT?

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a trust, which owns, finances, and operates income-generating real estate projects. A REIT will use your invested money to buy physical real estate assets such as shopping malls, commercial spaces, hotels, apartments, etc. The maintenance cost of the property will be deducted from the rent earned and the remaining profits will be distributed among all the REIT unit holders in the form of dividends.

Currently, there are three listed REITs in India.

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Bottom line

With this, we come to the end of our discussion on the top real estate stocks listed on the Indian stock exchanges. In this article, we discussed a few real estate stocks according to their market capitalisation. We have also provided a list of other real estate stocks listed on the stock exchanges.

If you wish to invest in any of these real estate stocks or REITs, all you need to do is open a Demat account with Samco and get access to a world-class trading platform at your fingertips.

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