List of Best Stocks to buy in India 2024

Best Stocks to buy in India 2023

The best stocks to buy today are those that are long-term sustainable compounders and can grow and compound value over time. The best stocks to buy are those that have the following qualities:

  • Great Return on Capital employed
  • High growth companies
  • A debt-free business requiring little or no capital to grow
  • High Margin businesses that demonstrate pricing power
  • Good Corporate Governance.

Here is a List of best stocks that you could buy in India today with their corresponding ratios such as price to earningsdebt to equity, operating margins, and return on capital employed.

Sr.No.NameNet worth (Rs in Crs)Debt / EquitySales (Rs In Crs)Book Value per ShareNet Profit (12 Months)P/E RatioOperating Margins (%)Return on Capital Employed (%)
2Indian Energy Exchange689.070.00431.048.80307.1946.6198.2065.12
3HDFC AMC5457.360.002115.36286.191393.1329.4390.6636.17
5Oracle Fin.Serv.6943.560.005221.46694.361888.8317.7562.8241.57
8Dr Lal Pathlabs1449.790.242087.41202.61350.2957.9830.0832.11
9Divi’s Lab.11728.180.008959.83478.602960.4550.6844.7035.09
10Hindustan Zinc34281.000.0929440.0030.639629.0012.3059.2537.44
11Nippon Life Ind.3366.760.001306.6454.74743.3721.7180.3929.69
12Natco Pharma4260.200.091944.80251.09170.0017.3916.693.79

Now this isn’t just the only list of best stocks to buy today. We have curated different lists of best stocks to buy with specific purpose in mind. Every person is different and so are his financial needs. Someone who has just started investing in the markets may not want to take too much risk. We recommend checking out our article on Best Blue chip stocks to Buy now in India.  If you are someone who don’t like getting in and out of stocks frequently then you could check out our list of Best Long Term Stocks to Buy now in India.   If you are an aggressive investor and are willing to take some additional risk for higher returns then smallcap stocks are the best for you. You must check out our article on Best Small Cap Stocks to Buy now in India.  On the other hand, if you are an intraday trader then there’s something for you too. You can checkout our article on Best Stocks for Intraday Trading now in India.   We have curated many more articles apart from those listed above. These articles are curated based on market capitalisation, sectors and strategies. You can head to our Stock Market Library and tick out the stocks to buy option at the bottom to read these articles. You could buy and hold these stocks at almost zero brokerage from the Samco App and hold them in your demat account to compound your wealth over time. Get live updates for the above stocks at your fingertips with the Samco Mobile App. Open a Free Demat account to buy and hold these stocks today.

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