59 stocks under Rs. 5 – Listed on NSE

59 stocks under Rs. 5 Listed on NSEPenny stocks below Rs. 5 emerged as retail investors favourite segment and it turned out to be the biggest beneficiary in 2021. For instance, Adinath Textiles Ltd. was priced at just Rs. 1.71 as on 21st July 2020. Later, we had seen a huge bullish rally and the stock price rose to Rs. 84 on 31st December 2021 offering its investors a solid 4,500% returns.Usually, a rise in the share price is backed by business expansion and financially better performance. However, in the case of penny stocks it is imperative for investors to be careful or else these low value stocks can lower the quality of your investments. The growth in penny stocks only persist till the bull run sustains Therefore, investors should know how to find out the value stocks from the list of penny stocks below Rs.5.Here is an interesting video which will help you pick the best penny stocksAfter watching this video, you will be equipped to analyse and pick the best penny stocks from the shortlisted 59 stocks under Rs. 5. 
The table highlights the stocks below Rs 5 along with last traded price, market capitalisation, PE ratio, industry, 52 week high and low for the scrip in consideration.

Stocks under Rs 5 - List of 59  

NameBSE CodeNSE CodeIndustryCurrent PricePrice to EarningMarket CapitalizationHigh priceLow price
SPS Intl.530177 Trading4.99 1.616.783.99
Konndor Indust.532397 Trading4.9919.642.759.351.86
Starlite Comp.517548 Trading4.98 8.514.981.97
Swadeshi Polytex503816 Construction4.98 19.437.073.52
Polo Hotels526687 Hotels4.95
Anjani Finance531878 Finance & Investments4.949.455.0110.521.45
Jauss Polymers526001 Plastics Products4.93
Jhaveri Credits531550 Finance & Investments4.9 3.166.140
JP Power Ven.532627JPPOWERPower Generation And Supply4.930.573338.556.852.39
Shahi Shipping526508 Shipping4.89
Shree Hanuman Sg537709 Sugar4.89 9.055.682.07
Ambition Mica539223 Miscellaneous4.89 7.296.663.55
Polytex India512481 Finance & Investments4.8821.266.595.970.75
Mayur Floorings531221 Miscellaneous4.87 2.476.053.14
Ushdev Intl.511736USHDEVINTTrading4.86 164.516.570.19
Orosil Smiths531626 Diamond Cutting / Jewellery4.85
Archana Software530565SSLFINANCETrading4.84 2.945.331.54
Mid East Port.526251 Finance & Investments4.83812.436.272.45
Kanel Indust.500236KANELOILSolvent Extraction4.81295.328.866.990.44
Hotel Rugby526683HOTELRUGBYHotels4.8 6.376.010.91
Beekay Niryat539546 Trading4.811.173.698.33.82
Mangalam Industr537800 Finance & Investments4.77527.25458.716.70.55
Ladam Affordab.540026 Construction4.77 8.737.372.24
Pratik Panels526490 Miscellaneous4.76 1.864.761.77
Uttam Galva Stee513216UTTAMSTLSteel - Medium / Small4.75 67.311.083.56
Pagaria Energy531396 Computers - Software - Medium / Small4.73 2.066.431
Restile Ceramics515085 Ceramics - Tiles / Sanitaryware4.71
Richirich Invent519230 Solvent Extraction4.7 2.255.671.86
ISF526859 Finance & Investments4.770.8744.656.280.53
Intelli.Capital.534732 Finance & Investments4.766.3414.599.962.39
I Power Solution512405 Computers - Software - Medium / Small4.692092.094.693.54
Paos Industries530291 Solvent Extraction4.67 2.8512.554
Garodia Chemical530161 Trading4.65 3.355.884.65
Bacil Pharma524516 Pharmaceuticals - Indian - Bulk Drugs4.64 2.738.843.1
Dhanada Corp.531198 Hotels4.64 25.957.952
Sobhagya Mercant512014 Finance & Investments4.640.010.114.641.64
Viji Finance537820VIJIFINFinance & Investments4.6109.7937.335.080.5
Natl. Steel&Agro513179NATNLSTEELSteel - Medium / Small4.55 22.276.732.9
Foundry Fuel513579 Miscellaneous4.55 3.654.781.1
Integra Garments535958INTEGRATextiles - Products4.55 17.944.851.13
Alps Industries530715ALPSINDUSTextiles - Products4.55 17.574.941.4
Rainbow Denim532441 Textiles - Products4.53 6.024.531.06
Sulabh Engineers508969 Finance & Investments4.5337.9345.524.991.22
Gyan Developers530141 Construction4.52 1.354.522.72
Genera Agri541999 Miscellaneous4.557.844.054.51.42
Rekvina Labs526075 Pharmaceuticals - Indian - Formulations4.5 2.714.583.6
Ashoka Refinerie526983 Miscellaneous4.58.51.535.374.12
Step Two Corp.531509 Finance & Investments4.4911.931.917.14.08
Filatex Fash.532022 Textiles - Products4.47105.5443.275.372.02
Grand Foundry513343GFSTEELSSteel - Medium / Small4.45 13.545.741.8
Manor Estates526115 Construction4.42 3.645.151.43
Devki Leasing530765 Finance & Investments4.41 1.554.411.26
Tine Agro531205 Trading4.412.812.511.53.9
Padmanabh Inds.526905 Chemicals4.4 2.676.853.75
Madhav Infra539894 Construction4.3513.21111.466.563.9
Dhruva Cap.Serv.531237 Finance & Investments4.3328.21.417.451.95
Deccan Polypacks531989 Textiles - Processing4.3 0.914.62.13
Rubra Medicament531099 Trading4.26116.52.334.261.71
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