What is Family Admin Feature in Samco Star Back Office?

We frequently come across families that trade & invest together in sync with each other. A common inconvenience they faced is tracking multiple portfolios with the same scripts bought at different times, different prices & through different accounts. Tracking your portfolio becomes a lengthy process, and at SAMCO we hate lengthy processes!
So with the Samco Family Admin feature in Back Office, you can track your entire family’s portfolio with a single click!

How does the Samco Family Back Office work?

You can be both a Family Admin & a Family Member.
To become a Family Admin:

  1. Log in to the Star Back Office account you want to designate as family admin.
  2. Click on the Family Tab in the left column & click on the family admin tab.
  3. Add the Samco client code of all the family members.

That’s it! We will send an email and flash your request on their Star Back Office to all your family members for their confirmation & all they have to do is accept the invitation.
Note: Also add your client code to the family admin panel.

How to become a member of anot

  1. Provide your Client Code to the Family Admin.
  2. Accept their Invitation sent via Samco Star or E-Mail
  3. After their acceptance, you can view their details by logging into the Samco Star Back Office as usual & clicking on the Family Login button.

Apart from tracking the portfolio, you can:

  1. View the Ledger & Trade Books of your family members.
  2. See their Indian Trading League Ranks.
  3. View the Open Positions & Stock Holdings client wise & script-wise.
  4. Make Withdrawal requests for any family member for any segment.

Note: Withdrawals will only be credited to the linked bank account of your family member.
If some of your family members are not trading with Samco, head to the Referral Center in the Samco Star Back Office and refer them!

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