How to Check Holdings in StockNote App?

The StockNote App provides the holding in the app itself along with the average buying price!! Now there is no need to login to your back office for checking the buying rates.
To check your holdings, after logging in the app, click on the Accounts Tab on the bottom right corner of StockNote screen.
account menu
Next click on “My holdings” in Accounts details.
my holdings
This will display a screen which will display Holdings as on the beginning of the day with portfolio value as per the Last traded price.
holdings search
You can check your profit and loss on the script as per the last traded price and your buying price. For this click on settings icon.
holding options
The default option would be Days P&L and Pr Close, this will display the Profit or loss according to the previous days closing price.
edit holdings
Select the second option “Avg price & Total P&L” to check the historical profit and loss. Click on Save to check the P&L. You can also click on a security and sell the shares from the holdings itself.

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