How to Log in for the First Time on the Samco Trading App

The Samco Trading App empowers traders with exclusive features like “My Trade Story” for reflection, “Personal Index” for real-time performance tracking, “Fund Manager Comparison” for benchmarking, “Futures OI Build-up” for futures traders, “FII DII Insights” for block deals, “Advanced Watchlist” for trading opportunities, low margin requirements, 4X leverage, live Option Greeks & IV charts, TradingView Charting with 50+ indicators, and a comprehensive range of investment options.

If you’re new to the Samco trading app, follow these simple steps to kickstart your trading journey – 

1. Open the Samco App.

2. Enter your registered mobile number.

3. You will receive a 4-digit OTP on your mobile number.

4. Enter the OTP in the provided field.

5. Now, set a new password for your Samco account.

6. Confirm the new password by entering it again in the “Confirm Password” field.

7. For added security, you can enable biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or face recognition) at this point.

8. After enabling biometric authentication, you will be directed to the dashboard.

9. On the dashboard, you can either name your index or choose from predefined options.

10. To make a watchlist, add or remove stocks using the plus (+) and minus (-) signs, then click “Create” when you’re ready. 

11. Now you can add funds to your account, go to the “Now add funds instantly” 

12. Enter the desired amount you wish to add.

13. You can choose your preferred mode of payment, such as UPI or internet banking.

14. After selecting your payment mode, proceed with the transaction.

These steps will help you set up your Samco App, customise your dashboard, create a watchlist, and add funds to your account.

Watch this video to understand, How to Log in for the First Time on the Samco Trading App

After successfully completing your transaction, you can now initiate your first trade with Samco, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the Samco app for your trading experience

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