41 Bank Shares : List of Private Banking Shares and Public Banking Shares with Prices

41 Bank Shares : List of Private Banking Shares and Public Banking Shares with PricesNormally Banking sector is considered as the proxy of economic growth of any country. The sole reason is that banking sector enables the flow of currency in an economy and proper banking rules and regulation further makes the implementation of concepts like M1, M2 and M3. Therefore traders are much more interested in knowing the companies which are listed on exchanges so that they don’t have to scalp through for information. The articles below helps traders and Investors in knowing the following:
  • All bank shares and last traded share prices, which are listed on Indian exchanges
  • All public banks with share prices, listed on Indian exchanges
  • All private sector banks with share prices, listed on Indian bourses.
  • Bank shares below 100 Rs
  • Best Banking stocks that they can buy now in India after having proper due diligence
The table below gives information for all Indian bank shares along with that it also shows the type of banking share i.e. is it a private sector banking share or a public sector banking share. , last recorded share prices, 52 week low of each banking share, 52 week high price of each stock,  PE ratio, EPS, Market Capitalization of all Banking shares and the Issued shares of each company in consideration. List of All Banking Shares in India (Last updated in May 2018)
Security NameBank TypeSecurity CodeLast recorded share price52 Week Low52 Week HighPE RatioEPSMarket CapShares Issued
ALBKPublic Sector Bank53248049.143.3592.5#N/A#N/A39877906498812177347
ANDHRABANKPublic Sector Bank53241839.732.5576.13.5711.1332317147047814033915
AUBANKPrivate Sector Bank540611714.05496.4746.9571.410207181997400290150551
AXISBANKPrivate Sector Bank532215518.05447.8627.584.796.1112216266274642358125000
BANDHANBNKPrivate Sector Bank541153512.645554047.7610.736021261502991174651149
BANKBARODAPublic Sector Bank532134148.65128.2206.624.286.123782473003472544549720
BANKINDIAPublic Sector Bank532149103.8591.35216.75.4818.951194345684571150068081
CANBKPublic Sector Bank532483265.8225.35463.48.2132.36156022533150586992251
CENTRALBKPublic Sector Bank5328857062.8125#N/A#N/A1368570000001955100000
CORPBANKPublic Sector Bank5321793026.564.7#N/A#N/A340122189001133740630
CUBPublic Sector Bank532210183.25144.95208.821.578.5121410393611662539665
DCBBANKPrivate Sector Bank532772194154.8521324.747.8459921561238308874027
DENABANKPublic Sector Bank53212119.51850#N/A-14.41208520774671069337306
DHANBANKPrivate Sector Bank53218021.352044.7118.790.185491365812257206825
FEDERALBNKPublic Sector Bank50046998.3587.5127.7531.253.151913006869711945101067
HDFCBANKPrivate Sector Bank5001801944.61524.352014250.27.7750496825791762596771903
ICICIBANKPrivate Sector Bank532174284.45246.77365.6551.975.4717694142462896220475199
IDBIPublic Sector Bank50011666.1550.2589.8#N/A#N/A1738869626892628676624
IDFCBANKPrivate Sector Bank53943748.446.270.3516.252.981621817936253350863399
INDIANBPublic Sector Bank53281432125442815.9420.13153828456696479216376
INDUSINDBKPrivate Sector Bank5321871898.21375.251904.947.2740.161136013511477598468834
IOBPublic Sector Bank53238818.351732.25#N/A-12.79510537732572782221918
J&KBANKPublic Sector Bank53220957.0554.4595.656.688.5431853192458558338175
KARURVYSYAPrivate Sector Bank59000310996.15161.2147.7977256662044708776716
KOTAKBANKPrivate Sector Bank5002471210.35900.051218.339.1630.9122983193288731898888235
KTKBANKPublic Sector Bank532652122.45106.95181.158.0815.1632954040855269122431
LAKSHVILASPublic Sector Bank53469090.188.2209.821.924.1122820899096253284123
MAHABANKPublic Sector Bank53252513.9513.540.7#N/A#N/A191799667421374908029
ORIENTBANKPublic Sector Bank50031593.5584190.8#N/A-157.2330511924451326156317
PNBPublic Sector Bank53246195.290.5231.6#N/A#N/A2252233977492365792069
PSBPublic Sector Bank53329535.4533.472.3#N/A-5.2719798245535558483642
RBLBANKPrivate Sector Bank540065530.9544360044.9111.82214753987515404471198
SBINPublic Sector Bank500112246.3232351.5#N/A-0.1421064434540148552348469
SOUTHBANKPublic Sector Bank53221826.522.234.7515.491.71470296099961774702264
STANPrivate Sector Bank58000163.651.273.45#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A
SYNDIBANKPublic Sector Bank53227655.0551.995.651.536.65558955144321015359041
UCOBANKPublic Sector Bank53250519.719.1544.8#N/A-17.05356660623961810459950
UNIONBANKPublic Sector Bank53247795.585.952052.4938.411080199428491131098878
UNITEDBNKPublic Sector Bank53317112.9211.624.4#N/A-7.35198530449091536613374
VIJAYABANKPublic Sector Bank53240163.6550.597.48.877.18807824585091269166639
YESBANKPrivate Sector Bank532648362.05285.11884.8550.967.18449236512352333720977
For more useful articles on trading, investing and market knowledge, visit our Knowledge Center section. *(Note: The list of stocks below are not the recommendations for investments or trading. The list only presents the banking stocks which are listed on Indian exchanges and Samco is just collating the information to provide investors and trading a list to ponder and conduct proper due diligence before investing)

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