7 Mutual Fund Investment Tips to Generate Superior Returns

While investing in mutual funds, there is only one thing that every investor wants - ‘Superior Returns’. But earning superior returns is not as easy as it sounds. It takes immense patience, discipline and superior scheme selection to earn superior mutual fund returns. Luckily for you, RankMF has come up with 7 mutual fund investment tips which can help you generate superior returns. 
These 7 mutual fund investment tips are unique and specially curated by RankMF experts. 

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #1. Choose Equity Funds over Debt Funds

Equity mutual funds have always generated superior returns than debt funds. But investors avoid equity funds due to their riskiness. Investors should know that there is a wide variety of equity funds which carry low risk. For example, large cap mutual funds invest in top companies with the highest market capitalisation. Hence these funds are relatively less risky than a small cap equity mutual funds. So, low-risk investors can consider investing in large cap mutual funds for long-term financial goals. Similarly, there are various types of mutual funds in the market for investors with low-medium risk profiles. Hence, instead of avoiding equities entirely, investors can simply search for a fund that suits their risk profile and investment objective. Low-risk investors can also choose to invest 50%-50% in equity and debt funds to generate higher returns while reducing risk.

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #2. Diversify your investments

When investing in mutual funds, it is advisable to diversify your investment across asset class like equity, debt, gold and hybrid. This helps create a hedge against volatility. You also earn superior returns by investing in different assets.  For example, if you wish to invest Rs 5,000 in mutual funds for 5 years and have a conservative risk profile then you can distribute your portfolio into something like this:

Type of mutual fund

Investment amount
Debt mutual fund Rs 2000
Large-cap equity mutual fund Rs 1,500
Multi-cap equity mutual fund Rs 1,000
Gold mutual fund Rs 500
Note: This is only a sample, not investment advice.  When you split your investment across various asset classes, you get to participate in the growth of all asset classes. Diversification helps in reducing risk. It also ensures that you do not miss out on gains of any asset class.

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #3. Invest based on risk profile and financial goals

This mutual fund tip will help you achieve your financial goals while earning superior returns. When investing in mutual funds, our entire focus is on generating higher returns. But this is not a correct investment approach. Mutual fund investment should be made only after you do goal based financial planning. By investing as per a financial plan, you end up committing for the long-term. When you invest for the long-term, you generate superior returns through the power of compounding. Here is a sample list of goal-based investments for achieving your financial goals.


Remarks Suitable Asset Class
Emergency funds Emergency Funds = Your monthly expenses (including household expenses, travel, EMIs etc. X 6 months) Fixed Deposit, Liquid Funds
Buying house You can accumulate an amount for a down payment which is 20%-30% of the property value. SIP in Mutual Fund + SIP in Blue chip stocks
Child’s education Nowadays, children’s higher education is getting expensive. So, from the year your child is born you can start saving + investing through SIPs in various asset classes. SIP in Mutual Fund + SIP in Blue chip stocks
Retirement corpus If you are willing to retire early, you have to plan your retirement journey well in advance. Saving a small amount of money in a systematic manner through SIPs today will reap good returns in the future. SIP in Blue chip stocks

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #4. Lump-sum Investment vs Systematic investment plans

There are two styles of investing in mutual funds:
  1. Lump Sum investing 
  2. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)
Investors who have the time and expertise of timing the market can select lump-sum investing. But common retail investors are better off investing via mutual fund SIPs and SmartSIPs. In a systematic investment plan, the investment amount is automatically debited at a predetermined date. This helps create investment discipline. The best mutual fund investment tip for beginners is to invest in mutual funds via SmartSIPs. SmartSIPs will help you get better cost averaging and will be more profitable in the long-term. 

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #5. Use the Power of Compounding 

Albert Einstein has said that the power of compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. Compounding is the additional gains you receive when the returns are reinvested. Here, you earn interest on the principal amount as well as interest amount.  Let’s understand this with the table below
Monthly Investment Rs 5,000
Investment Period 240 months (20 years * 12 months)
Interest Rate 10%
Compounding Period Monthly
Future Value Rs 38,28,485
Total Principal Invested Rs 12,00,000 (5000*12*20)
Total Profit Earned  Rs 26,28,485
As seen above, due to the power of compounding, your investment of Rs 12 Lakhs has grown to Rs 38.28 Lakhs i.e. 3 times! 

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #6. Invest through SmartSIP

RankMF’s SmartSIP is a smarter way to generate superior returns. It follows the principle of ‘buying low and selling high’.
  • If the markets are expensive – SmartSIP will invest in liquid funds and wait for the right time.
  • If the markets fairly priced – SmartSIP will invest regularly in mutual funds.
  • If the markets are cheap - SmartSIP will double your SIP amount.
Due to this smart mechanism, SmartSIP is able to provide:
  1. More than 4% p.a than a regular SIP.
  2. Higher realizable corpus with lower risk
Observe how the invested corpus grows substantially higher under SmartSIP.

Mutual Fund Investment Tip #7. Monitor your portfolio regularly

Investing in mutual funds is not a one-time activity. While your fund manager constantly monitors the portfolio, you too should monitor your portfolio regularly. This will help in timely rebalancing of your portfolio. It will also help you exit from non-performing mutual funds at the correct time. RankMF’s SmartSwitch facility helps you switch out of poor performing funds and shift to better funds. Final Thoughts These 7 mutual funds investing tips will help you earn superior returns in the long term. To earn even superior returns, start investing in SmartSIPs. SmartSIPs can generate more than 4% extra returns than a regular SIP. So, Open a FREE RankMF account today and start investing in mutual funds through SmartSIP.

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