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Commodity Derivatives Margin Calculator

Margin calculator to calculate the total margin required for trades made in the MCX - commodity derivatives segment.

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India's first tabular Commodity Margin Calculator - This MCX Margin Calculator will help you calculate the amount of margin required for carryforward commodity trading and intraday commodity trading.

To calculate the margins required for positional commodity trading on the MCX, use the Carryforward NRML product with SAMCO.

To calculate the margins required for intraday commodity trading on the MCX, use the Intraday MIS product with SAMCO.

Additional leverage while trading commodities intraday can be availed by using the Cover Order or Bracket Order product with SAMCO. Check out our margin policies for details on these 2 products.

The total MCX margin for positional trading comprises of the MCX Span Margin, Exposure Margin and the Extreme Loss Margin (ELM). The margins for intraday trading in the MIS product type are usually a percentage of the margins required for positional trading.

In case you want to calculate the break up of the MCX margins, check our MCX SPAN MARGIN Calculator

Note - 0 in the MIS/BO/CO Column means that the Margin-Intraday-Square off Order/Bracket Order/Cover Order Product are not available for the commodity. MIS/BO/CO products are not available for agri-commodities.

Commodity Derivatives Margin - Not Updated

S/No Script Expiry Lot Size Price Carryforward (NRML) Margin Intraday (MIS) Margin BO/CO

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