Here is the list of the plethora of benefits that substantiates our indomitable claim that SAMCO securities is the best stock broker in India

India’s Best stock broker
  • Low Brokerage and Great Savings

    • Trading at Lowest Brokerage of Flat Rs. 20 per order. No conditions! Trade for 1 Lakh or 1 Crore, brokerage remains flat Rs. 20 per order only. Savings up to 98% in brokerage!
    • Buy stocks, pay in two days – Great savings with Samco’s BTPT product that allows you to buy stocks by paying the upfront margin and by paying the difference by settlement day i.e. T+2. Calculate the interest savings with BTPT.
    • Get 100% Brokerage cashback for the 1st month when you trade with Samco! Unlimited! No restrictions!
  • Safe, Secure and Trusted

    • We were awarded India’s Best Equity Broker by CNBC on parameters of profitability, sustainability and governance! This award serves as a testament to the fact that SAMCO securities is the best stock broker in India.
    • Trusted by over 200000+ traders and investors across India holding over $ 2 Billion in assets with Samco!
    • Extremely well capitalised with over Rs. 200 crores in net worth!
  • Ideal Leverage to suit all types of traders

      The leverage and financial support we provide to our esteemed clients to fulfil their diverse and eclectic needs make them root for us as the best stock broker in India

    • 4x Delivery Leverage for Traders in the Cash Market with Samco’s Margin Trading Facility CashPlus.
    • Get Margin against shares held in your Demat account for positional trading with Samco StockPlus/IntraPlus products.
    • Get leverage for trading options - Up to 4x for buying options and 20x for selling options with Samco’s OptionPlus.
    • Largest universe of stocks available for Intraday trading!
  • World Class Online Trading Platforms

      Our seamless, straightforward, and elaborate online trading platform doing away with the need for intermediaries to facilitate trading, the resultant cost-benefit of which is transferred to the client in the form of truncated brokerage commissions coupled with our technical expertise cements our position as the best stock broker in India

    • Choose from platform of your choice – Mobile, Web, EXE or API services!
    • Trade with advanced order types like bracket order and cover order!
    • Trade with advanced charting with over 100+ indicators and drawing tools. Charting available on intraday data and historical data of over 20+ years!
    • Live streaming data at your fingertips across all platforms!
    • Super-fast trading with simple UX that allows you place an order in less than 6 seconds!
    • Live Updates and notifications for all your stocks and positions on StockNote!
    • Get filtered market insights, news and updates on the market and stay up to speed!
  • Top Quality Research

      Our unequivocal and uncompromising focus on quality research, culminates in exponential returns year after year, from products like StockBasket, that serves as a great mini-portfolio of expert-selected stocks. We are the best stock broker in India because we have consistently beaten the rate of returns from other similar products, uprooting the competition from its very foundation.

    • Research on Long term investment ideas for creating with StockBasket.
    • Get Research ideas for trading and investments on the StockNote App.
  • Mutual Fund Research and Investments

    • Invest in the best mutual funds on India’s leading mutual fund investment platform.
  • Super Customer Support

      Finally, we always place the customer at the heart of everything we do. This tips the scales in our favour, as we forge ahead of the competition, bolstering and preserving the coveted position as the best stock broker in India.

    • Get answers to your queries with our world class customer support in less than 30 seconds when you call on our centralised helpline - +91-22-22227777
Whay Trade at Samco

We could go on and on about why you should trade stocks at Samco – India’s best broker but we’d like you to experience it yourself.

That’s why we are offering you unlimited brokerage cashback for the first month to help you trade for effectively free and enjoy the best experience yourself! Open a free online trading and Demat account today with the best stock broker in India!