Introducing KyaTrade – India’s first on-demand trading and investing ideas streaming platform

Creating wealth in the stock market is not as easy as it may seem. You may make money in a bull run, but in order to create wealth, you need to trade consistently in a disciplined manner. 
You also need to follow the trading rules and have a strategy in place – you need to have answers to the following questions in order to consistently make money in the stock market:

  1. Why to trade? (Kyu trade karein)
  2. When to trade? (Kab trade karein)
  3. How much to trade? (Kitna trade karein)
  4. How to trade? (Kaise trade karein)

And most important of all… 
     5. What to trade? (Kya trade karein)
With our expertise in the stock market gained over the years, and by consulting with many of our successful traders, we’ve developed a platform that will present you with the answers to all these questions instantly…

Introducing KyaTrade:

KyaTrade is a platform where you can get high-quality researched ideas and recommendations with a predefined target, stop loss, and position sizing which can be traded instantly with a simple swipe on the screen. 
Here’s how KyaTrade answers all 5 questions:
Kya trade karein? 
KyaTrade offers fresh high-conviction ideas for you to trade and invest in. 
Kyu trade karein?
All ideas recommended by KyaTrade are curated and well researched, saving you the trouble of selecting from a universe of over 4000 stocks.
Kitna trade karein? 
Kyatrade automatically sizes your position based on the capital you load for trading and investing.
Kab trade karein? 
With an in-built risk management system, every idea in KyaTrade comes with a predefined entry price range, target price, and stop-loss which helps you know when to enter/exit an idea.
Kaise trade karein?
Trade and invest in KyaTrade with a simple swipe. Swipe right for the ideas you’d like to trade, swipe left to reject an idea, and swipe up for the next trading idea.

Video note from the CEO

Watch a video note from Samco’s CEO, Mr. Jimeet Modi, explaining the hardships faced by the Indian retail traders and investors while trading or investing in the market…and how KyaTrade has a simple solution to address those concerns.
Click the below image to watch the video note.

The operating logic of KyaTrade:

KyaTrade operates with the logic that every trader needs a 2:1 reward-risk strategy with a 50% accuracy to generate higher returns in the stock market. 
Let’s take an example of a simple coin toss, where every turn has a 50-50 chance of landing on either side. And what if you win Rs. 2 every time the coin shows heads and lose Rs. 1 every time it shows tails? Wouldn’t you want to flip that coin as many times as possible to increase your chances of winning?
Likewise, your every trade can have either one of two outcomes – profit or loss. And KyaTrade offers a 2:1 reward-risk benefit for every trade by helping you choose the right stocks at the right time in the market. KyaTrade offsets the loss factor and delivers up to a 50% win rate on your investments. Meaning, if 50% of the trades end up losing, you’ll lose only 1x, and if the other 50% of the trades end up winning, you gain 2x!
In the net sum of trades, your portfolio ends up in profit, more times than an average trader.

Handling the KyaTrade app:

  • Swipe right for ideas you’d like to trade.
  • Swipe left to reject the idea.
  • Swipe up for the next trading idea.

KyaTrade subscription plans:

KyaTrade offers Intraday Plans for short-term trading as well as Investment Plans for long-term gains available in both monthly and annual subscriptions.
The annual plans are recommended for both subscriptions as they come with an additional 50% discount on subscription fees. 
The subscription cost of KyaTrade Intraday Plans:

KyaTrade Intraday Plan (Monthly)KyaTrade Intraday Plan (Annual)
Rs. 18000/ yearRs. 9000/ year
(i.e. Rs. 1500/ month; billed monthly)(i.e. Rs. 750/month; billed annually)

The subscription cost of KyaTrade Investment Plans:

KyaTrade Investment Plan (Monthly)KyaTrade Investment Plan (Annual)
Rs. 12000/ yearRs. 6000/ year
(i.e. Rs. 1000/ month; billed monthly)(i.e. Rs. 500/month; billed annually)

We understand that you’d like to experience KyaTrade before committing to our subscription plans. This is why we’re offering the first-month starter pack for just Re. 1
We also give you a 100% refund guarantee* on your subscription fees, in case you don’t make money on our Investment Plan recommendation. *Read T&Cs

KyaTrade app access:

  • For existing clients:
    You can log into KyaTrade with your existing Samco account; use your Samco client code and trading password to access KyaTrade and start trading and investing right away!
  • For non-existing clients:

    Since KyaTrade is a Samco exclusive product, you need to have a Samco account to access it. To get unrestricted access to KyaTrade today, open a free Samco account now → 

Without further ado, download the KyaTrade app and start trading and investing with high-conviction ideas today.

Download KyaTrade App Now –>

For more info, visit the KyaTrade website:
If you wish to suggest additional features or give feedback on the app, please write to us at with your user ID; we’d love to get your inputs to further improve our application and deliver better trading and investing experience for you.
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