Kitna trade karein? & How much to trade? – The answer’s on KyaTrade app

Have you ever experienced a winning streak in the market, followed by a sudden losing streak? 
About 95% of the traders in the market have had the same experience. This is because they committed the same mistake over and over again – improper position sizing and unmanaged risks.
But you can rest assured that, with KyaTrade, you can soon turn your losing streak around.
Today, we’ll show you a way of how you can overcome the lapses made in your discretionary trading, and in turn, ride the winning streak a little longer.
This is what we call a Defined Trading Strategy.

Defined Trading Strategy:

Consider trading like a game of coin toss. There is a 50-50 chance the coin will land on either face, likewise, there are only 2 possible outcomes to trading – winning or losing. 
Now to improve the odds of winning in the long run, you need to trade as many times with a fixed 2:1 reward-risk ratio.
While there is a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing, your odds are slightly elevated since you’re trading with a fixed strategy that lets you capture the trade with 2x profit, while exiting the trade at a 1x loss.
Also, by maintaining a fixed position size, you can consistently take a fixed profit and a fixed loss on every trade.
If you alter your initial investment and position sizes every time, you will steer away from your desired outcome, and might even land yourself in the same loss-making trap. 
Watch a short video by Samco’s Chief Market Editor, Mr. Apurva Sheth, as he talks about the position sizing mechanism employed by the KyaTrade system that delivers consistent returns.
Click on the image below to watch the video.

In table 1, we have illustrated how by varying your investment amount, you make inconsistent profit and loss. For this case, we’ve maintained a 2% profit margin and 1% loss margin on individual trades.
The profit and loss in each case are too varied and deliver average returns. 

Trade No. Investment AmountGain/loss (%)Profit/ Loss
Total Investment and gain6000001500

Table 1 – Varying Investment amount

Now, if you keep your initial investment and position sizes the same throughout (as shown in table 2), you can ensure consistent profits and losses across trades, and thereby increase your profits in the long run.

Trade No.Investment AmountGain/loss (%)Profit/ Loss
Total Investment and gain6000003000

Table 2 – Fixed Investment amount

That’s the power of strategic trading!
The system of KyaTrade delivers the best idea for trading at the opportune moment and also ensures that you stick to a fixed set of rules assigned to your trades; it automatically handles your entry and exit prices, manages your risk on each trade and recommends optimum position size based on the capital you hold in your Samco account.

Trading on the KyaTrade app:

  • Swipe right for ideas you’d like to trade.
  • Swipe left to reject the idea.
  • Swipe up for the next trading idea.

To help you get started on KyaTrade today, we have a special offer for you as well.

Special Offer of KyaTrade:

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We also give you a 100% refund guarantee* on your subscription fees, in case you don’t make money on our Investment Plan recommendation. *Read T&Cs

KyaTrade app access:

  • For existing clients:
    You can log into KyaTrade with your existing Samco account; use your Samco client code and trading password to access KyaTrade and start trading and investing right away!
  • For non-existing clients:
    Since KyaTrade is a Samco exclusive product, you need to have a Samco account to access it. To get unrestricted access to KyaTrade today, open a free Samco account now → 

Without further ado, download the KyaTrade app and start trading and investing with high-conviction ideas today.

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For more info, visit the KyaTrade website:
If you wish to suggest additional features or give feedback on the app, please write to us at with your user ID; we’d love to get your inputs to further improve our application and deliver better trading and investing experience for you.
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