What is meaning of Quote Box in Web Samco?

Quote Box in Web Samco

On the quote window, you can find multiple pieces of information that’ll help you make a sound decision while placing your orders.
You can find the stock’s price, chart, bid rate, ask rate, the day’s high & low, 52-week high & low, volume trades, and other scripts related information by logging into Web Samco. You can follow the steps as shown below:
After logging into the Web Samco, find your Watchlist group and select your preferred stock (as shown below) and click on the “Quote” button.

Once you click the Quote button, you will able to see the below menus (as highlighted in red) – “Overview”, “Market Depth”, “Market Data”, “Future” and “Option”, along with the “Open, High, Low, Close price, Bid & Ask rate” of that particular stock.
Overview option encaptures the chart view where you can analyze visually using the stock’s trading range. There are more than 200 indicators available that can be applied to the chart view for creating a strategy.

Market Depth in the stock window depicts the buyers and sellers at any given time. The bid rate is the bidding price at which the buyers are ready to buy the particular stock. The ask rate is the asking price at which the seller is ready to sell their shares.
Note: Since the buyers always wish to buy at a lower price and the sellers wish to sell at a higher price, the bid rate would be lower than the ask rate for every stock.
Whenever the buyer’s bid rate and the seller’s asking rate match, the trade is executed. The rate at which the last trade gets executed is known as the Last Traded Price or LTP.
 The best bid price is the highest bid rate at which the buyers are willing to buy the shares and the best ask rate is the lowest ask rate at which the seller is willing to sell. The difference between the best bid price and the best ask rate is known as the “BID – ASK” spread. The bid-ask spread is inversely related to the liquidity in the market. The lower the rate the higher is the liquidity and vice versa. The minimum rate for a currency is 0.25 paisa, for BSE it’s 1 paisa and for NSE it’s 5 paise. In theory, the maximum bid-ask rate can be unlimited, however, on exchanges, it would be the difference between the circuit filters set by the exchanges.

Market Data provides real-time information needed to trade. It also shows various other information like the last traded price, last traded quantity, total buy quantity, total sell quantity, volume, ATP, 52 week high and 52 week low, open interest, upper circuit, lower circuit, etc.

  • 52 Week High indicator compares the current price to the highest price at which the stock has traded in the last 52 weeks (12 months)
  • 52-week low expresses the minimum price over the course of the previous year (i.e. the trailing 52-week period)
  • Volume is the total number of shares traded in a security over a period. Every time buyers and sellers exchange shares, the amount gets added to the period’s total volume. Studying volume patterns are an essential aspect of technical analysis because it can show the significance of a stock’s price movement. A price change that occurs in high volume can carry more weight because it indicates that many traders were behind the move. Conversely, a lower volume price move can be perceived as less important.
  • Last Traded Time means Last trade done time in the market for the particular Stock.
  • Last Traded Price means the Last trade done rate in the market for the particular Stock.
  • Upper Circuit Limit is the limit above which a stock price cannot trade on a particular trading day.
  • Lower Circuit Limit is the limit below which a stock price cannot trade on a particular trading day.
  • ISIN Number the International Securities Identification Number or ISIN Code is a unique code that is used to identify securities.

Future you can see the Future contracts of the particular stock with Open, High, Low, Bid, and Ask details.

Option menu shows you the popular options contracts of the underlying stock with LTP, Change in percentage, Open Interest, and Volume.

Now you can analyze the stock data and start investment through Samco’s Web Samco trading platform.
Watch our Video: How to use Quote Screen in Samco Web | Tutorial

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