Demat account charges and cost: a comprehensive list of all charges and fees related to Demat account in India

Demat accounts were introduced in 1996 that eliminated all paperwork and hassle to maintain share certificates in physical mode. Digitization of this process has brought a lot of convenience to investors. However, this convenience comes with a nominal cost or demat account charges and fees.

Charges for Demat account are broad of 3 types

  • Account opening charges
  • Annual maintenance charges
  • Transaction based Demat charges

In this article, you will get a complete understanding of types of demat account charges and fees that an investor needs to pay

Account opening charges: Rs. 0 – completely free

These are charges that are charged for processing an account opening. While most players charge between Rs. 200-400 for account opening, opening a trading and demat account at Samco is completely free.

Demat account opening charges comparison table

Charges Competitors Samco (Free) Savings
Demat account opening charges Rs.400/- Free (Rs 0) and Online Rs.400

Annual maintenance charges – free for year 1, Rs. 400 from second year onward

These are charges that are charged for the maintenance of an account. Every year depository participants incur a certain operational and compliance cost for maintaining each account. These costs are recovered from customers by charging annual maintenance charges.

At Samco, customers have an option to pay a one-time lifetime maintenance fee instead of an annual maintenance fee. In case you’d like to opt for this option, please raise a ticket with our customer service department at

Demat account amc charges comparison table

Charges Competitors Samco (Free) Savings
AMC for 1st Year 800 0 800
AMC 2nd year onwards 800 400 400

Transaction charges for Demat account – depending on type of transaction

Differential transaction charges are charged for different types of transactions like on-market transfers, pledge transactions, un-pledge transactions, etc.

On Market Debit Transfers

From an investor point of view the most important charges for comparison are charges for on-market transfers. This is because these are charges incurred for transferring stocks from Demat account to the exchange in case of Sale transactions.

Samco is the lowest cost Demat account since it charges only Rs. 10 per transaction for on market debit from Demat account.

On market debit transaction charges comparasion

Charges Competitors Samco (Free) Savings
customers / transactions
On Market Debit Rs 25 - Fixed fee with a minimum 0.02% of value Flat Rs/10 Rs 15

At Samco, when you open an investment account, a unified account gets opened – i.e. Demat account, online trading account and mutual funds investing account.


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