Annual Financial Review of Clients trading in Derivatives Segments

As per SEBI Circular MIRSD/SE/Cir – 19/2009 dated December 03, 2009 it is mandatory for clients who opt to trade in derivatives segment (NSE – FO, BSE – FO, CDS, MCX) to give their financial details i.e. their income and the proof of income at the time of account opening. These financial details of the clients are to be reviewed by the broker annually as a compliance requirement. A client who wishes to continue trading in any of the derivatives segment has to update his / her financial details with the broker annually. The complete list of documents for opening an account can be checked on the SAMCO Knowledge Center.
The documents that can be accepted as income proof are:-

  1. 6 Months Bank Statement
  2. Salary Slip
  3. Demat Holding Statement
  4. Copy of ITR Acknowledgement
  5. Copy of form 16 for Salaried Employees
  6. Net worth Certificate obtained from a Chartered Accountant
  7. Any other certificate or document demonstrating your financial net worth

We at SAMCO understand the difficulties clients face to courier hard copies of the documents. Hence, we have given an upload option in SAMCO Star Back Office. You need to follow these simple steps :-

Step 1 : Login to your SAMCO Back office by visiting

Step 2 : Click on “PROFILE” button from Back office menu options.

SAMCO STAR - Profile Section
SAMCO STAR – Profile Section

Step 3 : Select the respective details from the menu options under “Financial Forms”. you need to select your income range and a supporting proof for the same

  • Income Range – Select your annual income range in this option
  • Income Proof being furnished – Select the document that you wish to update from the drop down menu

After you are done with selecting the respective options from the drop down menu click on “Choose Files”.

Uploading your financial proof documents
Uploading your financial proof documents

Step 4 : Select the Income Proof you want to upload from your computer and click on Open. Please note the proofs have to be either in PDF format or an Image format. (Allowed file formats: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg)

Uploading your financial documents
Uploading your financial documents

Step 5 : Ensure you have uploaded the correct files and wait for the file upload to finish.

Checking your uploaded financial documents
Checking your uploaded financial documents

Once the documents are uploaded, our KYC team will verify them and notify you if there is any deficiency found in the uploaded documents.

Upload Your Income Proof Now

Annual Finacial Review of Clients Trading in Derivatives segments

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