Introducing Options Chain Matrix in Samco App

For many months, we received suggestions from our clients to include a feature in the Samco app to track option premium rates across multiple strike rates from a single screen in order to ease their trading activities. 
Today, we are glad to announce the new options chain feature for all F&O contracts in the Samco 2.0 app.
An options chain is a listing of all available options contracts for given security. It shows all listed options put and call premium rates against their strike prices and expiration period for an underlying asset in a consolidated matrix.
Highlights of the feature:

  • Live streaming premium rates of both call and put contracts against their respective strike prices.
  • Single-tap order placement feature from the streaming call or put premium rates.
  • Consolidated matrix for daily premium change & open interest change against the strike prices. 

Navigate to the options chains matrix in the Samco app:

  1. Search for your desired F&O script.
  2. Choose the options contract and tap on Quote.
  3. Switch tabs to Options Chain.

Experience the all-new options chain feature on the Samco 2.0 app today!
Experience Options Chain on Samco Now → 
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