Top 30 High Price Stocks in India

Try to answer this no brainer – Which stock has the highest share price in India?  Most of you might have guessed it right. It is none other than the MRF (Madras Rubber Factory).  But there are many shares which can be added to the list of high priced stocks in India.  Do you know about these high priced companies?  No worries we are here to help you. You will be learning everything about the high-priced stocks in India. Find out why certain stocks are highly priced and discuss top 30 stocks with high prices in India. 

 A fascinating truth about share prices

Generally, face value of a share lies between Rs. 1 to Rs. 10. But the share price of the same share can end up in thousands. The current market price of a share is a reflection of demand and supply for the share. There are ample aspects that drive this demand or supply.  These high-priced stocks in India have relatively high in demand. The shares are tightly held by promoters or institutions leading to low supply. This makes them highly priced. This also limits the trading activity in the company. It also limits the number of shareholders in the company. Retail investors generally shy away from such companies as they cannot buy more quantity because of high prices. High prices do not mean shares cannot fall. They can fall if broader markets are in a downtrend.  Apart from this their high share prices can also fall if the company issues bonus shares or announces  stock split.  This leads to an increase in free float and drop in share price. Now let’s check out the list of high-priced stocks in India.

Top 30 Companies with Highest Share Price in India

The share prices were updated on 3rd January 2022
Name BSE Code NSE Code Industry Current Price (In Rs.) Price to Earning Market Capitalization  (In Crores) 52 weekweeks high 52 weeks low  EPS
MRF 500290 MRF Tyres 72559.05 25.48 30765.04 98599.95 68700 2846.74
Honeywell Auto 517174 HONAUT Electronic - Components 41369.55 84.92 36570.68 49990 35621.5 487.07
Page Industries 532827 PAGEIND Textiles - Products 39935.45 101.04 44528.03 41775 26864.55 395.11
Shree Cement 500387 SHREECEM Cement - North India 26615.35 36.47 96030.17 32050 22531 729.84
3M India 523395 3MINDIA Diversified - Large 24950.05 133.13 28118.71 31000 18777 187.49
Nestle India 500790 NESTLEIND Food - Processing - MNC 19399.65 83.45 187043.11 20609.15 15900 232.48
Abbott India 500488 ABBOTINDIA Pharmaceuticals - Multinational 19316.65 57.19 41047.88 23934.45 13959.8 337.75
Bosch 500530 BOSCHLTD Auto Ancillaries 16675.85 35.1 49183.15 19250 12467 440.59
Bajaj Finserv 532978 BAJAJFINSV Finance & Investments 16249.05 61.22 258583.23 19325 8273.7 265.43
P & G Hygiene 500459 PGHH Personal Care - Multinational 15169 79.91 49239.69 16402 10851 189.84
Yamuna Syndicate 540980   Trading 14400 6.07 442.61 21490 9000 2371.18
Bombay Oxygen 509470   Finance & Investments 13592.65 2.84 203.89 25500 9011.3 4786.67
Tasty Bite Eat. 519091 TASTYBITE Food - Processing - Indian 13434.15 96.16 3447.2 21487 11430 139.71
Polson 507645   Dyes And Pigments 12300 13.9 147.6 16840 8320 531
Bharat Rasayan 590021 BHARATRAS Pesticides / Agrochemicals - Indian 11573.2 32.95 4918.61 15131.7 9206 351.07
Kama Holdings 532468   Finance & Investments 10523.45 9.02 6787.63 12880 5301.1 1165.92
National Standar 504882   Construction 9902.8 997.26 19805.6 19000 420.8 9.93
Paushak 532742   Pesticides / Agrochemicals - Indian 9770 75.74 3011.23 12278 3611.85 129
EKI Energy 543284   Miscellaneous 9005.4 332.45 6190.31 9005.4 140  
Atul 500027 ATUL Dyes And Pigments 8898.1 38.93 26326.85 10975.4 6219.8 228.39
Schaeffler India 505790 SCHAEFFLER Bearings 8708 46.93 27221.85 8770 4257.95 185.57
Lak. Mach. Works 500252 LAXMIMACH Textile Machinery 8654.25 80.18 9245.34 9954.5 4547.7 87.3
WABCO India 533023 WABCOINDIA Auto Ancillaries 8444.5 104.18 16010.77 8725.7 5262 81.03
Sanofi India 500674 SANOFI Pharmaceuticals - Multinational 7782.45 29.67 17922.98 9300 7056.55 424.22
UltraTech Cem. 532538 ULTRACEMCO Cement - North India 7420.95 33.6 214216.84 8269 5120.05 220.88
Maruti Suzuki 532500 MARUTI Automobiles - Passenger Cars 7350.05 52.87 222030.31 8400 6301.2 139.03
L & T Infotech 540005 LTI Computers - Software - Large 7263.1 62.6 127266.07 7564.95 3525 116.28
Bajaj Finance 500034 BAJFINANCE Finance & Investments 6911.65 83.84 417183.29 8050 4361.6 82.51
Forbes & Co 502865 FORBESGOK Engineering 6380.15   8230.39 6390.1 1300 -62.69
  • MRF Ltd.

The company has established history by being the first tyre company to cross 10 billion dollar market capitalisation. The products of MRF Ltd. are tyres, tubes, pre-treats, conveyer belts, paints, etc. Till date MRF has not issued bonus shares or has not opted for a stock split.   MRF has an extensive tyre range from two wheelers to fighter aircrafts. Promoters currently own 27.84% stake in the company. FII holdings increased from 14.07% to 14.77% in second quarter of FY 2021 -22. If there is something that should concern investors is the stumbling sales growth and profit growth.
  • Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

This high priced stock is market leader in electronics instrumentation and integrated automation solutions. The company initially was a joint venture (JV) with Tata group. However, now majorly owned by Honeywell Asia Pacific Inc.  Honeywell Automation India Ltd. (HAIL) is almost a deft free company. It’s debt-to-equity ratio of 0.02. It has a solid long term shareholder base. Long-term investors often hold onto these high priced stocks there is limited room for speculation and volatility. This is one of the companies with high priced stocks in textile products avenue. It owns an exclusive license to manufacture and market Jockey products in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE, Oman, etc. The company also has license to sell and market Speedo International products.   The high priced stocks justifies its value as it has an edge over its competitors. Page industries’ average sales growth has been close to 19% for the last 10 years. It’s poor asset allocation and bad working day cycles may impact investor returns.   It follows a multi-brand strategy and its sales are under the brand name - Bangur, Shree Ultra and Rock Strong Cement. It also produces power under the name - Shree Power and Shree Mega Power. Shree cement enjoys its place in the club of high priced stocks in India as it is one of the lowest cost producers.  In recent years company’s sales and profit growth has been sturdy. The company has quality cash flow management as Cash Flow from Operating activities to Profit after Tax (CFO to PAT) remains 1.85. It is subsidiary of 3M company, USA. Its operations in India are based on diversified science and technology in segments like - transportation, healthcare, graphics, communication, safety and protection services. The high priced stock company tries to provide innovative solutions and products worldwide. It prioritizes maintaining sustainability and social responsibility. It is most high priced stock in India when it comes to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) space. Nestle is truly dominating in India. It is a household name with its range of confectionaries, foods and beverages.   It is engaged in food business, generating 10% of its revenue from beverages like instant Nescafe, ice tea, milo and various mixes. Another 30% of its revenue is from prepared dishes and cooking aids like Maggi and Maggi masala range.  Another 47% revenue from milk and nutrition products. And lastly chocolates and confectionary like KitKat, Milky bar, Munch generates 13% revenue.   It is engaged in manufacturing, selling, distribution and marketing of pharmaceuticals.  This high price stock is dedicated in helping Indians live better lives through - nutrition foods, vascular devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals. It is one of the high priced stocks due to its consistency in terms of growth of return on equity (ROE) and return on capital employed (ROCE).  This is one of the high priced stocks involved in automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and energy. Bosch group is a leading global supplier of technology industries. Currently. Bosch group holds a strong 70% stake in Bosch limited. This highly priced stock is now working towards accelerating electrification for the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Peer competitors of Bosch Ltd. are Amara Raja Enterprise, Motherson Sumi, Wabco India
  • Bajaj Finserv Ltd.

It is primarily engaged in providing financial services through its subsidiaries and joint ventures. It is also engaged in generating power through renewable source of energy. Promoter holds a strong 60% stake in the company.   Market rewards Bajaj Finserv  as high-priced stocks in India due to its consistent return on assets. Price to book (PB) ratio can be the best metrics to analyse such companies. When we compare this to market price of the share trajectory it gets easier to assess if the company is undervalued or overvalued.  The stock price compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for the last 5 years has been 41% and the last one-year CAGR is remarkable 84%.
  •  P&G Hygiene Ltd.

Household names like - Vicks, Whisper are involved in the long list of portfolios of P&G Hygiene. The company is into hygiene and healthcare business. Hygiene products consist of 68% of its product portfolio. This high-priced stock company carries out its business from plants located in - Goa, Baddi and Himachal Pradesh. Investors should be concerned about the company’s advertising expenditure. The direct and indirect advertising costs 10% (300 crores) of its turnover in year 2020.   It is engaged in trading agro-machinery. The current price to earnings (PE) ratio of this company is 6.28 while the industry PE stands at 41.  Yamuna syndicate is debt free and trading at 0.47 times of its book value. Also, the promoter holdings stand strong at 74.87%  This is one of the high priced stocks in India. It manufactures, markets and sells prepared foods. Price to sales stands at 7.98 with sales growth of 17% previous financial year. Hindustan foods, Varun beverages, Zydus wellness are some of its well-known competitors.  It’s primary business was supplying industrial gases. However, in 2019 there was a change in nature of its business. The company received a certificate to carry out non-banking financial institution without accepting public deposits. Sales of products makes 23% of the revenue mix and dividend income accounts for 59%.  One of the highest share prices in India essentially manufactures and sells tanning solutions. The production is for domestic and international markets.  India’s specialty chemicals companies are expanding their capacities to cater to rising demand from domestic and international markets. With global companies seeking to de-risk their supply chains dependent on China. The chemical sector in India has the opportunity for a significant growth. Essentially involved in agro-chemical industry, this high price stock company in India manufactures pesticides and other agro-chemical intermarries. In financial year 2020 its export to international market was 48% of the production. The company has a strong presence in South America, Middle East, Europe, East Asia. This company is a core investment company. It holds 50% equity in SRF limited. It is a speciality chemical company with high share price in India. Kama holdings promoters’ stake is a strong 75%.  India’s largest phosgene based chemical manufacturer justifying its high share price in India. It is a part of Alembic group of companies. Alembic Ltd. is the oldest pharmaceutical company of India. The company aims at tripling its Phosgene capacity and for expansion reasons it is undertaking capital expenditure of 120 crores. It has also been moving up the value chain with higher value products adding on to its existing product portfolio.
  •  EKI Energy Ltd.

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our generation. It needs more innovation and investment. This high-priced stock has had a 10-year dynamic journey.  The company delivers client services climate change advisory, carbon offsetting and business excellence advisory and other training services. Its sales growth is 179% making return on equity land at stunning 120%.  It is engaged in real estate development. The company is high priced share in India is associated with Lodha group. Also, it is a subsidiary of Ananthnath construction and farm group.   The board recently appointed the new CEO. Darshan Multani has previously worked at Kuwait airways and RCOM.  It is a leading textile machinery manufacturer in India. It is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of textile spinning machinery, CNC Machine Tools, Heavy castings, and parts and components catering to diverse sectors. The company is focusing on calibrating its presence in the aerospace value chain.  This company in India is one of the biggest chemical companies with high priced stock. Its well diversified product portfolio includes 900 products and 400 formulations.  The products mainly belong in two segments – life science chemicals and pharmaceuticals, polymers. It also owns 140 brands till date. In financial year 2020-21, exports contributed to 49% of total sales. As for the future, the management is working towards growth of retail product in full value chain for even better profits.  This company with highly priced stock price is engaged in development of automotive and industrial technologies. The company recently launched – Optime, a low-cost solution to monitor all process critical assets.  As for research and development, the company is working towards capacity expansion in plants and strengthening their innovation.
  • WABCO India Ltd.

This one is market leader in advance braking system, air assisted technologies and systems in India. WABCO has a strong client base with brands like TATA, Ashok Leyland, Audi, etc. Market share in air braking and safety products is 85% making this one of the high priced stocks and the market leader.  It is engaged in manufacturing and selling pharmaceuticals. It has been consistently making dividend pay-outs of 140%. Pfizer, Abbott India are some of its peer competitors. Return on equity  in the past year was 22% and a decent 20% for the past 3 years.  This household name also lies in the list of high priced stocks in India. It is involved in manufacturing and selling of cement and cement products. The extensive distribution network and reach is one of its moats.  Waste heat recovery system (WHRS) and solar will be contributing towards the green power operations of the company. It aims to increase production and expansion plans with greenfield investments. This well-established brand is primarily involved in manufacturing and selling of motor vehicles, components and spare parts. The company has strong cash generating ability and is debt free.  Maruti Suzuki, the high-priced stock in Indian auto space is one of the best in the industry. Its continuous process improvements and established networks with suppliers results in cost control and higher profits. The company provide IT services like enterprise solution, analytics and application development to clients from all over the world. Its sales growth for the past 5 year has been 15%.  And maintaining good return on equity with 31% in the last 5 years. It has acquired various start-ups like Syncordis, Powerup, Augment IQ for strategic advantage purposes.  Bajaj Auto’s support has led the company to increase customer base on day-to-day basis.  Bajaj finance also has presence in housing finance segment. It has one of the lowest borrowing rates. Also, Bajaj finance has the lowest NPA among the NBFC industry. It is the first largest B2B digital marketplace. This high-priced stock is justified due to its speed, ease and constantly pushing frontiers of innovation.  The company commands almost 60% market share in the online B2B space. Its total traffic 102 million registered buyers with 700+ million repeated users. It also holds stake in Vyapar. It is a business accounting software to deal with invoices, inventory and other business needs. It distributes sensitive packages to destinations through air and ground transportation. The sales growth for FY 2020-21 has been sturdy 39%. Price to sales ratio is 3.96 and the company is expected to give out good quarter. Promoter holdings stays strong at 75% and return on equity this past year was a decent 21%. Now that you read through about these companies, a lot of these might have fascinated you and some of them you wish to own. All you need is a demat account and you can make your money grow tactfully by investing it in these established market leaders.  Open a demat account today with India’s best broker Related articles Best penny stock to buy What are penny stocks? – Characteristics, risks and advantages 59 stocks under Rs.5 List of stocks under Rs.100 Updated list of stocks between Rs.1 to Rs. 10 Best stocks to buy below Rs. 10 in India Best penny stocks to buy in India

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