StockBasket Referral Program

You must have heard about many referral programs in your life like ‘Refer friends or dear ones and you get some Rs. X’, but have you ever heard about StockBasket’s referral program? In this referral program, we incentivize you when your dear ones start their wealth creation journey on StockBasket, […]

How to Rebalance a StockBasket without POA.

StockBasket is Samco’s flagship investment platform, and is India’s first long-term buy and hold investment platform, it consists of expert-curated ready-made baskets of stocks. These baskets are designed for investors to achieve their financial goals. Though we do not recommend you to sell your StockBasket, but in some emergency, if […]

StockBasket vs Public Provident Fund

Nowadays people expect that their investment option should help them in getting higher returns, save their tax and should also have low-risk of investing in them, keeping these factors in mind lets explore StockBasket vs Public Provident Fund in detail. PPF and StockBasket both qualify in this criteria but let’s […]

Leverage Products of Samco

Before we discuss the leverage products of Samco, let us look at leverage trading: What is leverage trading? As per Investopedia, ‘leverage’ is the use of borrowed funds to increase one’s trading position beyond what would be available from their cash balance alone. Brokerage accounts allow the use of leverage […]

What is CashPlus? and How to subscribe it

Usually, discount brokers collect 100% margin for delivery trades. they don’t consider giving leverage for delivery transactions. but not at Samco, though we are into the discount broking space, we employ good leverage for delivery trades. Before talking about the product CashPlus let us first discuss about equity delivery leverage: […]

How to Modify StockBasket SIP

To modify a StockBasket SIP follow the below steps: Step 1: Login to StockBasket app using your Samco Id and trading password, now from the “Home page” go to “My Account” Step 2: Select “SIP Orders” in “Your SIP” Step 3: To Modify: Click on Modify to modify you SIP, […]