List of 52-Week High Stocks

Whenever a particular stock is at its 52-week high we are often in two states of mind - should I buy more of that share or should I sell it?In such a situation, if you ask someone who is a die-hard fan of fundamental analysis, they would say that there might be some good news in the company. Or maybe the company is constantly reporting high revenues. So, we might see a further upside in the stock price. While a person who is fond of technical analysis would tell you that 52-week highs act as a strong psychological level. So this might act as a resistance and we might see selling pressure. So, it’s time to be cautious.Now because of such debate, we retail investors are constantly stuck in a dilemma… whether to buy or sell when a stock touches 52-week high. So, today we are going to find the answer to this question. Also, by the end of the article, we will also provide you with a list of stocks trading at 52-week high.So, let’s begin.In this article:
  1. Stock at 52-week high - Should you buy or sell?
  2. List of stocks trading at 52 week high

Stock is trading at a 52-week high - Should you buy or sell?

Usually, a stock hits 52-week high after a good bullish rally. At this point, some investors might think that a big movement in the stock price is likely to occur. So, either the stock price can break the psychological level and enter into a new range or it might fail to break the level and we might see a pullback in the share price.So, it is safe to say that 52 week high is a very crucial level. So, you must be very careful while buying the share as it may go the other way around too. Hence, simply buying a stock just because it is trading at 52 week high is not a good idea. So, what should you do when a stock is trading near its 52 week high?Watch this video where Mr. Sovit Manjani guides us through his 52 week high breakout trading strategy.
If you wish to learn how to analyse stocks then here is a video you must watch.

Here is a list of stocks trading at 52 week high.

NameCurrent Market Price (in Rs.) Market Capitalization (in crores)Price to EarningReturn on equityDebt to equity52 week high price
AARV Infratel2.361.085.682.36
ACE EduTremd Ltd2.021.85-4.7102.02
ACI Infocom2.3926.4194.31.0902.39
Advik Labs1.452.77-74.741.81.45
Alka Securities0.636.0426.260.63
Alps Motor Fin0.646.559.09-5.748.880.64
Amani Trad.& Exp133.99.37187.44.380133.9
Ambar Protein29.6517.058.0429.791.6529.65
Anshuni Commerc.
Antariksh Indus.1.340.030.388.2601.34
Asahi Industries4.8832.424.88
Ashnisha Indus.19.455.87117.4-1.550.0419.45
Atam Valves129.3553.3662.0511.60.46129.35
Available Fin.153.9156.980.861.320153.9
Avance Tech.0.499.7180.92-0.0300.49
Avasara Finance2110.511.07021
Aviva Industries27.754.1559.3600.0227.75
AVSL Industries38.9520.763.5524.650.7638.95
Balgopal Commer.15.4325.479.447.94015.43
Baron Infotech0.540.55-2.0900.54
Bedmutha Indus.95306.521.213.195
Bheema Cements39.45128.64-15.261.0639.45
Bhoruka Alum.1.729.45-0.860.231.72
BMB Music2.361.43-2.3302.36
Centerac Tech.2.783.07-66.672.78
Chitradurga Spin20.110.93-7.44020.11
Cindrella Hotels28.9510.4254.84-9.480.1628.95
Class. Gl. Fin.0.562.061030.340.060.56
Confidence Fut.118.4148.121139.380.122.52118.4
Coventry Coil.1.440.651.44
Covidh Technolog1.171.241.17
Crescent Leasing3.721.510.211.033.72
Cressanda Solutions.28.95878.8912555.010028.95
Datasoft Applica3.320.38-8.8603.32
Deccan Bearings32.17.01-41.86032.1
Decillion Finance22.57.882.66022.5
Desh Rakshak4.31.913.674.890.554.3
Devki Leasing5.11.79-24.460.675.1
Dhanlaxmi Fabric42.336.311.070.2342.3
Diligent Indust.22.250.7880.63.952.222.2
Disha Resources32.9524.113.80.0632.95
Ducon Tech30.7798.010.430.4530.7
Dynamic Portfol18.721.86145.731.30.1918.7
East Buildtech22.954.31-0.310.0922.95
eDynamics Solut.1.594.06-
Eighty Jewelers48.649.5713.1550.951.3348.6
Empower India0.1517.46873-0.0400.15
Empyrean Cashews82.55163.41243.893.450.6982.55
Euro Asia Export7.651.201.427.65
F Mec Intl. Fin.9.32.8828.81.510.329.3
Foundry Fuel5.194.165.19
Gallops Enterp.29.7514.91149.122.82029.75
Ganon Products11.6810.90.56011.68
Garg Furnace44.117.6811.12-14.750.9844.1
Gayatri Tissue133.6520.0583.540.480133.65
Gem Spinners8.8854.51-90.378.88
Genomic Valley27.28.31-11.76027.2
Globus Corp.0.362.30.36
Gokul Agro961373.4916.3313.780.7396
Golden Crest54.8528.77479.50.29054.85
Goldline Intl.1.1258.34972.410.090.011.12
Goyal Aluminiums98139.88999.140.980.0498
Guj. Toolroom16.31.13-13.560.8616.3
Gujarat Cotex6.028.5825.234.360.266.02
Hardwyn India152.45155.49100.9713.790.41152.45
Hemang Resources44.7597.48-236.620.5644.7
Hi-Klass Trading5.113.17-26.2405.11
Hira Automobile12.63.473.732.176.3312.6
I Power Solution5.162.31150.2205.16
IFL Enterprises6018.01-1.86060
Indergiri Fin.3.491.760.5903.49
Indian Link Ch.558.852.79-9.190558.85
Indoworth Hold.10.051.2507.110.05
Infronics Sys.20.4516.2190.0620.45
Intellivate Capi8.7125.358452.7608.71
Intl Construct75.3527.3511.347.470.4975.35
iStreet Network3.557.563.55
Jaybharat Text23.95916.923.95
Jhaveri Credits7.194.64-5.2507.19
Joy Realty23.855.7223.85
Jyotirgamya Ent.37.68.65-0.96037.6
Kaiser Corporate.88.55465.96220.8315.830.9488.55
Kakatiya Textile19.0111.0412.5419.01
Kapston Services187.85190.56102.4513.421.27187.85
Kenvi Jewels29.7530.08107.432.220.0929.75
KLK Electrical30.0525.9919.9912.58030.05
KMG Milk Food2111.1427.1721
Kuber Udyog1.070.37-8.650.741.07
Kumbhat Fin.8.424-18.7608.42
Landmarc Leisur.1.1188.8-2.30.311.11
Linaks Microelec1.051.821.05
Lloyds Metals212.157822.39255.210.080.2212.15
Lynx Machinery33.151.99-124.6433.15
M K Proteins20183.838.0942.910.86201
Madhuveer Com8.468.0253.4600.018.46
Mahan Industries0.481.73-65.8500.48
Mahasagar Travel3.252.55-138.113.25
Mehta Housing. Fin78.2524.12-2.04078.25
Mehta Securities32.29.95-2.53032.2
Mercury Metals2.611.81-7.7302.61
Mewat Zinc17.16.840.28017.1
Mid India Inds.14.5823.7699.0214.58
MILGREY FIN.& INV27.155.4179.96-1.10.1427.15
Modern Engineer.22.77.01-1.6022.7
Mohit Paper Mill23.573311.18-10.681.0423.57
Mount Housing36.8511.160.913.4836.85
Mukand Engineers29.336.8329.3
Munoth Capital65.158.53731.62-0.210.0265.1
N D Metal Inds.26.256.51-7.831.1726.25
N2N Technologies16.955.47-39.370.0116.95
NCC Blue Water5.994.6511.925.8905.99
Nexus Surgical12.827.0113.74012.82
Nicco Uco All.0.362.990.36
NINtec Systems46.3531.8927.2610.99046.35
Nouritrans Exim0.980.60.98
Omega Interactiv33.751.691691.26033.75
Parin Furniture114.8127.6427.819.970.8114.8
Parshva Enterprise.135.6136.28757.092.520.15135.6
PFL Infotech6.054.5356.620.570.016.05
Phoenix Township53.274.459.04-7.180.4653.2
Polo Hotels9.9722.31-0.981.39.97
Prabhhans Inds27.917.43-3.510.0627.9
Procal Electronics0.360.130.36
Pulz Electronics42.523.17-3.15042.5
Quadrant Tele.1.0664.91.06
Quest Financial0.496.04-0.0500.49
Quest Softech8.928.923.6-132.710.318.92
Radha Govind Comm25.53.672.58025.5
Raghuvansh Agro.440524.37136.919.210440
Raj Rayon Inds.4.130.944.13
Rajkot Inv.Trust272.754-1.321.8927
Rajnish Wellness116.95122.991229.860.460.4116.95
Rajputana Invest20.96.441610.32020.9
Ramchandra Leas.1.949.920.1801.94
Raymed Labs1.580.671.58
Regency Trust5.015.01-
Response Info.14.288.5310.4-87.810.1714.28
Ridhi Synthetics4.110.490.2504.11
Risa International.1.1618.5-14.790.031.16
Rita Finance and11.5711.579.117.60.311.57
Roni Households10746.39289.942.040.95107
Rotographics (I)21.857.87157.40.280.0321.85
Sai Capital71.1520.4828.061.390.0171.15
Savant Infocomm4.091.384.09
Scan Projects5.631.624.630.680.065.63
Senthil Infotek15.687.920.21015.68
Shalimar Agency28.758.63-2.91028.75
Shankar Lal Ram.225479.7620.916.570.31225
Sharad Fibers23.310.170.660.0523.3
Shraddha Prime13.726.25-16.229.0913.72
Shree Vasu Logis11487.1426.4914.151.03114
Shri Gang Indus3.963.140.983.96
Silicon Valley0.030.39-25.753.190.03
Simplex Infra81.2464-30.944.2281.2
Sofcom Systems35.714.84-7.490.8535.7
Solis Marketing0.391.2400.190.420.39
Source Industrie2.52.85-2.5202.5
Spacenet Enterpr2.4127.292.4
Sparc Electrex13.196.45-81.970.0713.19
SPV Global12.52.450.1223.140.4512.5
Sunrise Indl.6.810.340.124.2406.81
Supreme Holdings52.6186.6225.221.40.0752.6
Surya India16.611.672.5-0.81016.6
Suryakrupa Fin.
Sylph Techno10.5615.74-0.39010.56
TeleCanor Global18.9421.58-3.65018.94
Thakral Services13.9116.32-17013.91
Tirupati Tyres8.112.78-8.660.138.11
Titan Intech15.623.8613.32-1250.915.62
Toyam Industries14.09411.411028.532.39014.09
Tridev Infra.1.871.22610.2101.87
Triton Corp.0.377.4-6.860.480.37
V B Industries6.047.92-0.3406.04
Vax Housing Fin.1.471.76001.47
VCK Cap. Mkt.2.52.26-33.540.522.5
Vidli Restaurant41.517.97224.621.490.1541.5
Viksit Engg.4.250.11-
Visa Steel24.5283.6924.5
VKJ Infradevelop0.5813.800.070.58
Welterman Intl.6.362.8221.696.36
Yash Trad.& Fin.17.650.4417.65
Yuvraaj Hygiene1.3812.511.38
Zenith Steel3.9656.3517.723.96
*Data as on 19th April 2022To explore the key financial ratios of any of these stocks, simply visit Samco’s share price page. Click here to explore now.If you wish to add these stocks to your portfolio, open a free Demat account with Samco and get access to our robust trading platform Samco.Happy Trading

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